Waiting for the surgeon general’s stance on the American diet

I came across a particularly well-written article this morning, and had to break my cross-country-move-hiatus to share.  Andy Bellati, thank you for saying what apparently is the unspeakable in this arena.  Or should I say, thank you for ignoring the food industry’s well-integrated messaging to instead pose a serious line of thought.

On one hand, yes, the surgeon general should absolutely be held accountable to discuss American health issues in a comprehensive manner.  By targeting obesity, diabetes, and heart disease via a walking campaign, the Vivek Murthy is absolutely ignoring the larger-than-life role that the American diet plays in these issues.

At the same time, Andy Bellati is 100% correct that by taking on the National Rifle Association, we should allow the surgeon general perhaps a little more leeway to pick his battles.  I personally can’t imagine how much fun it would be to have the NRA and the big food industry biting my heels.  So while it is of the utmost importance that he call attention to the American diet, the surgeon general is not beating around the bush with his walking campaign and his inclusion of the NRA in the discussion of national health.  It does seem, however, that Andy Bellati and I will both be waiting with bated breath for the day Murthy takes on the big food industry.


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